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Kamall ant Graikija viršūnių susitikime: Europai reikia sprendimo būdus ne daugiau klijuoti pleistrai




Syed KamallAhead of tomorrow’s (25 June) EU summit, the leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, Syed Kamall MEP (nuotraukoje), has called for EU leaders to seek genuine solutions rather than applying more expensive sticking plaster. The London MEP was speaking in a debate ahead where migration and security will be on the agenda alongside an initial discussion on UK reform proposals, but the situation in Greece is likely to dominate the talks following this evening’s meeting of European ministers.  Speaking in the debate, Dr Kamall said:  “As we consider the issues to be discussed at the summit the solution seems to be more sticking plaster. 


“Consider the patient that is the Greek economy. Each time, we approach yet another Greek crisis, rather than taking the medicine and having the operation, we propose yet more expensive sticking plaster in the form of a bail out. Until the next Greek crisis; when the solution is yet again more expensive sticking plaster, bail out or restructuring of loans; until the next Greek crisis, and so on.

“If and when we reach another deal, how long will it be before we are back here again? How long until the eurozone runs out of expensive sticking plaster? How much longer will we see this blame game between member states?

“Northern eurozone countries arguing that they can afford to keep Greece in the euro, but not being honest with their taxpayers that a currency union requires fiscal transfers from the richer countries – probably forever.

“And the Greek government has to play its role and also behave responsibly. It is time to stop the sticking plaster and start sticking to the rules.



“On the crisis in the Mediterranean, there is no easy answer. We cannot let no-one in yet we cannot let everyone in. Until we have a strategy, we will simply be providing lifeboats, plucking unfortunate desperate people from the sea  “The European Commission’s plan raises some important issues: targeting traffickers, processing applications and returning those not fleeing persecution, and helping those in failing states on the front line.

“While some countries should probably do more to help, proposing a quota system was a mistake. Instead of cooperation the Commission proposed coercion. Instead of solidarity we now have polarity. Instead of countries working with each other we have countries arguing with each other

“Let us come together in a spirit of co-operation to alleviate the suffering in those countries from which people flee; to process genuine applicants before they make the hazardous journey; to target the people traffickers who sell a false hope.  “Not another sticking plaster solution until a future summit. And on security and defence, co-operation and co-ordination, not coercion, should be the principle that we all abide by.

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“In country after country, election after election, voters are saying what the ECR has been saying: Europe cannot go on as it is. Europe has to change. So as the British Prime Minister David Cameron introduces ideas for reform, do not see it as simply a shopping list for Britain; seize it as a chance for genuine reform of the whole EU.

“Then maybe all of us in the EU will be better placed to face the challenges: within our borders, at our borders, and beyond our borders.”

Watch Dr Kamall’s speech here.

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