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Junckeris žada gerbti Škotijos nepriklausomybės referendumo rezultatus




_76159196_76154995Jean-Claude Juncker, the president-designate of the European Commission, is reported to have said he would respect the result of Scotland’s referendum when he met with a group of MEPs on Wednesday (9 July).

Juncker said that he was “in favour of democratic expressions” and would respect Scotland’s decision. He is reported to have said: “I am in favour of democratic expressions, but I’m not so arrogant to pre-empt the debate.

“I will respect the result of Scotland’s referendum.”

During a TV debate in May, Juncker had said: “It would be good for the EU to not intervene in the debate. It is…the UK’s jurisdiction.

“I agree with the principle that one must respect national constitutions. That said, we should not get involved.”

Alyn Smyth, an SNP MEP who attended the meeting with Juncker, said the comments showed “refreshing common sense”.

Smyth said: “Juncker is playing it straight.


“He’s shown he will respect the democratic process, and then deal with the choice of the people of Scotland.

He added: “We can do business with Juncker, which is more than can be said for his predecessor.”

A Better Together spokesman said: “The facts are clear – if we leave the UK then we would need to reapply to join the EU, on terms much less favourable to those we enjoy today.

“As part of the UK we have special EU deals that would be put at risk if we went our separate ways. Where is the sense in putting that at risk?”

Tikimasi, kad Junckeris Komisijos pirmininku taps lapkričio mėnesį.

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