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birgit1The torture methods used by the CIA to extract information from detainees have sparked another debate in Parliament in the wake of the US Senate publishing its report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme. MEPs were asked to vote on two different resolutions on this on 11 February, but only one of them was adopted. We talked to S&D member Birgit Sippel (pictured) and EPP member Elmar Brok to find out why their political groups had different views on the issue.

The Parliament first looked into member states’ alleged cooperation with the CIA in 2006, however due to recent revelations in the US Senate report, MEPs decided to discuss the issue again on 17 December 2014. The resolution adopted by the Parliament on 11 February asks the EP’s foreign affairs, civil rights and human rights committees to relaunch their investigations and calls on EU countries to also investigate these allegations.

Sippel, who co-wrote the resolution that was adopted, said: “The trust between the US and the EU has been seriously shaken. Torture is not only a crime by international human right standards, but also calls into question the very basis of our values: the respect for human dignity. It is shameful that some member states collaborated in these criminal acts, either by providing for secret detention sites or by turning a blind eye on secret prisoner flights over their territory. They now need to start criminal proceedings against the people responsible.”

However, not all MEPs supported the resolution that was adopted. EPP and ECR put forward another proposal for a resolution, which was not adopted. Brok said: “It’s scandalous that Social-Democrats and Liberals make a deal with right-wing populists, anti-Europeans and Communists that will alienate Washington. America has made a significant gesture towards Europe and dealt critically with the CIA’s interrogation and incarceration programme. The report shows a clear message in support of a democratic political system. “Now it would have been up to us to send a positive signal to America, because it is important that we cooperate in the fight against global terrorism.”

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