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S&D europarlamentarai Teherane: venkite provokacijų, siekdami užtikrinti „visiškai įmanomą“ Irano branduolinį susitarimą




Iranas raketųThe prospects for reaching an international comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran by the end-of-June final deadline remain ‘difficult but absolutely possible’ according to Socialist and Democrat members of a European confidence building delegation which is returning from two days of talks in Tehran today (8 June). 

The European Parliament’s delegation had “remarkably informal and constructive discussions including in acknowledging longstanding areas of disagreement”, according to foreign affairs co-ordinator Richard Howitt and fellow S&D MEP Josef Weidenholzer who took part in the seven-strong European Parliament delegation.

Socialistų ir demokratų grupė Europos Parlamente, sakė delegacija buvo atsargūs, ne gauti išsiblaškęs potencialių vietos nesutarimų etiketo ir paspauskite susipažinti su derybų, kurios galėjo minutę į oponentų sandorio rankose.

S&D members explained that the talks heard how Iran was moving towards agreeing extra confidence building measures equivalent to the ‘Additional Protocol’ of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, of how Iran’s own internal political timetable as well as that of the U.S. Congress gave an imperative towards reaching an agreement this month, as well as enabling them to impress Europe’s sincerity on meeting its commitments towards the lifting of sanctions as long as the deal reached is fully enforceable to the satisfaction of both sides. Both sides agreed that the Lausanne agreement remains the only valid framework to reaching the final deal.

Kalbant apie žmogaus teises, S&D nariai išreiškė susirūpinimą, kad staigus mirties bausmės padidėjimas reiškia galimą konservatyvų atsaką prieš branduolinio susitarimo perspektyvas, tačiau nustatė datas, kada bus pagerbti neįvykdyti dviejų JT teminių pranešėjų žmogaus teisių klausimais kvietimai. Delegacija surengė išsamias derybas dėl konfliktų Irake, Sirijoje ir Jemene ir tikėjosi visiškai atnaujinti ES ir Irano politinį dialogą ir atidaryti ES ambasadą Teherane, jei bus pasiektas branduolinis susitarimas.

Richard Howitt MEP, S&D Group’s foreign affairs co-ordinator said:  “The differences between conservatives and reformers we met were evident, but our impression was that an emerging nuclear deal enjoys broad support across the political spectrum and society in Iran. It was gratifying how the talks were remarkably more informal and constructive with all interests compared to previous attempts, including in acknowledging longstanding areas of disagreement.  “The prospects for reaching a deal supported by all factions appear difficult but absolutely possible, but it was clear that political credit for any deal could be decisive on whether the Moderates are victorious in the country’s own parliamentary elections next year.

“Our delegation was invited to demonstrate Europe’s sincerity in meeting our own commitments should a fully enforceable deal be struck to the satisfaction of both sides, and it was important that we learnt from past experiences that disagreements in a number of areas should not prevent us from discussing them in a constructive and respectful manner.”


S&D MEP Josef Weidenholzer added:  “The talks confirmed that both sides share common interests, such as fighting DAESH/ISIL and the spread of associated extremist ideology. A successful deal that would guarantee an exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program would facilitate cooperation in tackling threats to the stability and security of the Middle East and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

“It would also unleash the full potential of EU-Iran relations in such areas as trade and diversification of Europe’s energy supplies and environment, among others. Given its long-standing historical, cultural and trade ties with Iran, Europe must assume leadership in securing the final deal. In the long run, a more open Iran would also create better conditions for the respect of human rights; the situation in which Iran remains a key concern for European public opinion.”

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