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#Estonija prisijungia prie Europos iniciatyvos kurti "# Super" kompiuterius




Estija pasirašė Europos deklaracija dėl didelio našumo skaičiavimo (HPC) with the aim to pool European and national resources to build and deploy world-class supercomputers that would be ranked in the world’s top-three by 2022-2023. Digital Single Market Vice President Andrus Ansip attended the signing ceremony in Tartu, Estonia.

Su šiuo parašu Estija pažymi savo ketinimą prisijungti prie Europos bendradarbiavimo dėl superkompiuterių EuroHPC bendroji įmonė that was proposed by the European Commission in January. The vice president welcomed Estonia’s signature and said: “Supercomputers are becoming the engine of our economy, fuelled by large amounts of data. The EU is currently lagging behind: we do not have any supercomputers in the world’s top ten. This is why we have launched the EuroHPC initiative.”

High-performance computing is needed to process ever larger amounts of data and help researchers make scientific breakthroughs in many areas from healthcare and renewable energy to car safety and cybersecurity. The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, which is due to begin operations before the end of this year, will cover the whole value chain from technology components to systems and machines, and to applications and skills. It will offer expertise and training with a particular focus on helping small and medium-sized companies. The EU’s contribution in the cooperation project will be around €486 million under the current EU budget, which should be matched by a similar amount from member states and associated countries.

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