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Komisija siūlo € € 2.3 iš #Europos Globalization AdjustmentFund, kad padėtų buvusiems graikų leidybos sektoriaus darbuotojams.




Europos Komisija pasiūlė mobilizuoti 2.3 mln Europos prisitaikymo prie globalizacijos padarinių fondas (EGF) to help 550 workers made redundant in the publishing sector in Attica (Greece). The funds will help the workers in their transition to new jobs. Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Commissioner Marianne Thyssen said: “Greece was the country hit hardest by the economic and financial crisis that started a decade ago, and has only very recently come out of the support programme. But as we have always said: the EU’s support for Greece doesn’t stop and we must use all tools from our box to continue to help the Greek people. One of these tools is the European Globalization Adjustment Fund, which will help to prepare over 500 former workers in the Greek publishing sector for new jobs, thanks to today’s decision.” Greece applied for support from the Globalization Adjustment Fund following the dismissal of 550 workers in three media companies. The measures co-financed by the Fund would help the workers find new jobs by providing them with occupational guidance, training, retraining and vocational training, specific advice towards entrepreneurship, contributions to business start-up and a variety of allowances. All the redundant workers are expected to participate in the measures. The total estimated cost of the package is €3.8m, of which the European Globalization Adjustment Fund would provide €2.3m (60%). The proposal now goes to the European Parliament and the EU’s Council of Ministers for approval.

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