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#SouthAmericaFires – ES civilinės saugos mechanizmas suaktyvintas siekiant padėti Bolivijai




Po Bolivijos pagalbos prašymo 29 m. rugpjūčio 2019 d ES civilinės saugos mechanizmas has been activated to help in efforts to stop the spread of forest fires in the Chiquitania region. As an immediate first response, the Commission is mobilizing a team of experts from EU member states to be deployed to the affected areas. “The EU stands in solidarity with Bolivia and all countries in the region affected by these devastating fires. The fires in the Amazon region show that climate change has increased the threat of natural disasters globally. We have a common duty to work together to protect our environment”, said Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Commissioner Christos Stylianides. The European Union’s 24/7 Emergency Response koordinacinis centras is in close contact with the Bolivian authorities to monitor the situation and channel further EU assistance. In addition, the EU’s emergency Copernicus satellite service is currently providing maps of areas hit by forest fires. 

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