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#Huawei welcomes ‘fact-based approach’ of EU telecoms ministers




Briuselyje kalbėjęs „Huawei“ atstovas sakė: „„ Huawei “sveikina ir skatina faktais pagrįstą ES telekomunikacijos ministrų požiūrį į 5G tinklų saugumą. Iš tiesų, šį modelį tiek Vokietijos kanclerė Angela Merkel, tiek Prancūzijos prezidentas Emmanuelis Macronas patvirtino kaip auksinį 5G tikrinimo standartą.

“Europe is the natural 5G leader: it has the most advanced operators and a world–leading industrial base. This, married with the best 5G innovators – with Huawei as a full partner – means that Europe can shape the world’s 5G landscape.

“Europe can – and MUST – be a leader, not a follower on the road to a digital future. We are at a crossroads of geo-political contests. Those who embrace the potential of 5G will be in charge not only of their digital future, but also of the world’s. 5G has the capability to help tackle many of the challenges ahead – and with Europe in the driving seat, 5G will certainly be a force for good.

“We are a trusted partner throughout Europe and beyond: Huawei leads on Cybersecurity and has a clean track record without one single major data breach incident in the last 30 years. As Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has underlined: rather than hand over customer data to any government, we would shut down the company.

“Huawei’s 5G solution is safe and innovative. It is a key contributor towards mitigating the effects of climate change and connecting the world. And it is a central element to safeguard Europe’s values and the European way of life for future generations.”

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