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Martinas Schulz 70th osioms D-Day




31Žymėjimas Normandijos desanto 70-osios metinės - D diena - on 6 June, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said: “Today, we commemorate a remarkable event which was the beginning of the end of a tragic world war. Seventy years ago, the Western Allied armada launched an offensive that helped lead to the defeat of the Third Reich and liberate Europe from horrifying Nazi occupation.  This extraordinarily detailed planned military assault went down in history. 

“D-Day was about the fight for freedom, seventy years on we remember.  On this day, we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the fight for freedom.  Those gruesome events remind us that peace can never be taken for granted.  Today, there are parts of Europe where peace is being threatened and deliberately undermined.

“We must try to recapture the bravery of these young men who fought for a free Europe. The horrors that happened during the course of the war shall serve as a lesson for us for all times – a catastrophe like this shall never happen again.”

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