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U.S. Ambassador to UN Power gives Brussels speech on Europe’s role in peacekeeping




samantha-galia“The United States looks to Europe as a strong military partner in our efforts to address the range of threats we face today,” U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said in a kalba apie taikos palaikymą in Brussels on March 9. While that starts with NATO, she said, European military force can be brought to bear in other ways in service of our shared peace and security – for example by deploying troops outside of a formal institutional arrangement, or under the auspices of the European Union.

“Another means by which a European country can advance our collective security – and one I will argue today has a lot to offer – is UN-led peacekeeping operations,” she said. “Blue helmets carry the unique legitimacy of having 193 member states behind them – from the global North and South alike. In addition, these missions allow burden sharing – European nations can provide high-value niche contributions and force-multipliers to UN missions, without having the burden of fielding the entire operation – a division of labor that both plays to European militaries’ strengths and spreads risks across a larger pool.”

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