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„Team Team Europe“ partneriai su „Equity Bank“ remia Kenijos verslą ir žemės ūkį tarp COVID-19




Europos Sąjunga ir Europos investicijų bankas, dirbdami kartu kaip „Team Europe“, teikia 120 mln. eurų (15.8 mlrd. KES) naujos paramos „Equity Bank“, kad padidintų finansavimą Kenijos įmonėms, kurias labiausiai paveikė COVID-19 krizė.

Finansavimo paketas padės Kenijos MVĮ, įskaitant žemės ūkio sektorių, gauti finansavimą tinkamomis sąlygomis, suteikiant 100 mln. EUR paskolų iš Europos investicijų banko akcijų bankui ir 20 mln. EUR Europos Sąjungos (ES) dotacijų. 

New technical assistance, backed by the European Union, will further strengthen Equity Bank’s capacity to assess, execute and monitor longer-term agricultural value chains investment projects and further develop provision of long-term financing for agriculture.

“As an inclusive regional financial institution these facilities strengthen Equity’s position to further enhance the strength of MSMEs which are key actors in value chains and ecosystems in the economy. By ensuring their survival and growth the MSMEs will continue to protect jobs, create more jobs and support lives and livelihoods in society, serving to create resilience as the pandemic subsides, vaccines become available in Kenya, and market growth returns. We value our long-term partnership with the EIB and the European Union who have walked with us and our customers on our path for sustained human development for many years including their investment to scale Kilimo Biashara. We thank them for supporting our efforts to strengthen the role of MSMEs to stimulate the economy back to prosperity, and hence support lives and livelihoods through market growth,” said Equity Group Holdings Plc Grupės generalinis direktorius ir Grupės generalinis direktorius Daktaras Jamesas Mwangi.

“New EIB and EU support for leading Kenyan partner Equity Bank will help entrepreneurs, business and agricultural small holders across Kenya to access finance and better withstand the economic challenges and business uncertainties caused by COVID-19. Today’s new agreements demonstrate Team Europe and Kenya joining forces to beat COVID-19 and help business flourish,” said Thomas Östros, vice president of the European Investment Bank.

“The EU is working to revamp our co-operation with our African partners to tackle the common challenges that affect people’s lives, in particular the youth. We want to build back better together from the COVID-19 pandemic to guarantee a sustainable, green and just recovery. The SME sector is a lifeline for employment, including for the most vulnerable populations and in particular in critical sectors such as agriculture. Agreements like the one signed today to support Kenyan SMEs to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 and will help us to achieve this,” said International Partnerships Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen.

Kenya’s National Treasury observed a downturn growth rate from 6.1 % to 2.5 % in 2020, making it the worst year for the country in more than a decade. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which sustain the highest proportion of employment in the region, are the most vulnerable with limited access to external financing.  


Kenya – Team Europe COVID-19 atsako prieigos prie finansų ir Kenijos žemės ūkio vertės grandinės priemonės iniciatyvos buvo oficialiai pasirašytos Akcijų banko būstinėje Nairobyje per COVID-19 reikalavimus atitinkantį renginį, kuriame dalyvavo Europos Sąjungos ambasadorius Kenijoje, EIB regioninis atstovas Rytų Afrikoje ir Kenijos suinteresuotosios šalys. EIB viceprezidentas Thomas Östros dalyvavo nuotoliniu būdu.

Žemės ūkio galimybių gauti finansavimą gerinimas

Agriculture contributes about 51% to Kenya’s GDP (26% directly and another 25% indirectly), 60% of employment and 65% of the exports. Growth of agriculture based economic activity is constrained by limited long-term financing, which delays its development and modernization.

Privataus sektoriaus galimybių gauti ilgalaikį finansavimą didinimas yra labai svarbus norint išnaudoti vystymosi potencialą visuose COVID-19 pandemijos paveiktuose sektoriuose, įskaitant žemės ūkį ir žemės ūkio vertės grandines.

Kenijos verslo ekonominio atsparumo COVID-19 didinimas

Šiandien pristatyta nauja privataus sektoriaus finansavimo iniciatyva sustiprins Kenijos MVĮ galimybes gauti finansavimą ir padidins verslo atsparumą pasaulio ekonomikos lėtėjimo ir investicijų neapibrėžtumo metu.

In addition, the new cooperation with Equity Bank will stimulate investment, creating decent jobs and contributing to the country’s recovery efforts and sustainable development.

Šiandien paskelbta programa yra didesnės 300 mln. EUR ES atsako į COVID-19 krizę Kenijoje dalis ir tikslinės EIB paramos ekonominiam atsparumui visoje Afrikoje dalis.

Gali būti sudarytos kitos partnerystės su bankais, kad būtų suteikta galimybė gauti finansavimą.

Bendradarbiavimo su pirmaujančiomis Kenijos finansų institucijomis stiprinimas

Akcijų bankas yra didžiausias EIB remiamos privataus sektoriaus paramos partneris Kenijoje. 

Per pastaruosius 10 metų EIB bendradarbiavo su 17 Kenijos bankų ir finansų institucijų, kad padidintų verslininkų, smulkių savininkų prieigą prie finansavimo ir verslo plėtrą pasitelkdamas tikslines kredito linijas ir finansavimo iniciatyvas.

Nuo 1976 m. Europos investicijų bankas suteikė daugiau nei 1.5 mlrd. EUR finansavimo privačioms ir viešosioms investicijoms visoje Kenijoje remti.

Papildoma informacija

The EU and Kenya have a long-standing partnership. The EU’s co-operation with Kenya amounts to €435 million for the period 2014-2020, covering the sectors of Job Creation and Resilience, Sustainable Infrastructure and Governance. The country is also supported by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa; with over €58.3m for 2015-2019.

The announcement illustrates the commitment of the EU and its member states present in Kenya in supporting the country’s main objectives outlined in the ‘Big 4 Agenda’. In 2018, the second phase of the Joint Programming strategy was signed, seeking to boost manufacturing, food and nutrition, security, affordable housing and universal health coverage.

Team Europe’s total global response to COVID-19 stands at almost €38.5bn, combining resources from the EU, its member states, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Around €8bn of this assistance is designated to African countries. The programme announced today is part of the larger €300m EU response to the COVID-19 crisis in Kenya.

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