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7 geriausios savarankiško vairavimo ekskursijos Islandijoje nepriklausomiems keliautojams




Embarking on an Iceland tour is not just a journey; it’s an enthralling adventure into a world of awe-inspiring natural beauty that captivates and exhilarates. This land of fire and ice, where thunderous waterfalls cascade down ancient cliffs and serene glaciers sprawl across the landscape, offers a diverse tapestry of geological wonders.

For independent travellers, the allure of self-drive tours in Iceland is the unparalleled freedom to explore these mesmerizing landscapes at their own pace, creating a deeply personal and unforgettable experience. This article serves as your guide through seven of the best self-drive tours, each offering a unique glimpse into Iceland’s varied terrains. From navigating through fields of surreal, hardened lava and past dramatic geysers shooting steaming water into the sky, to cruising alongside fjords where the ocean gently laps at rugged coastlines, these tours aren’t just about seeing the sights; they’re about immersing yourself in the natural majesty of Iceland.

Įsivaizduokite save atvirame kelyje, turintį laisvę sustoti ir pasigrožėti žavingu vaizdu, klaidžioti lauko gėlių lauke šalia vienišo kalno arba patirti šiltą nuostabių miestelių ir kaimų svetingumą. Tai kelionių Islandijoje esmė – nuotykių, ramybės ir nepaprasto gamtos grožio derinys, kviečiantis tyrinėti, atrasti ir įsimylėti atšiaurų, nepaliestą šios nepaprastos salos grožį.

1. Kelionė „Auksinis ratas“.

The Golden Circle is the quintessential Iceland self-drive tour, perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in Iceland’s geological wonders. Starting from Reykjavik, this route leads you to the historic Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can walk between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, experiencing the raw power of Earth’s movements. Next, the tour takes you to the Geysir Geothermal Area, where Strokkur geyser erupts every few minutes, a spectacular display of nature’s force. The journey culminates at Gullfoss, a stunning waterfall that cascades into a deep canyon, creating rainbows in the mist. This Islandijos turas is not just about the destinations; it’s the scenic drives, with landscapes that shift from green valleys to lunar-like fields, that make it truly unforgettable.

2. Pietų pakrantės nuotykis

Vairavimas palei Islandijos pietinę pakrantę yra patirtis, kupina dramatiškų kontrastų ir kvapą gniaužiančių vaizdų. Maršrutas yra gamtos atrakcionų lobynas, įskaitant didingus Seljalandsfoss ir Skógafoss krioklius, kur vanduo krenta į gilius baseinus, siųsdamas į orą rūko purslus. Kai tęsiate, jūsų laukia stulbinantis juodas Reynisfjara paplūdimio smėlis, suteikiantis ryškų kontrastą prieš riaumojančias Atlanto bangas ir bazalto kolonų uolas. Ši kelionė taip pat yra galimybė pažvelgti į kerinčius Islandijos ledynus, sustojus Sólheimajökull arba Mýrdalsjökull. Pakeliui nedideli pakrantės kaimeliai, tokie kaip Vikas, suteikia žavingą žvilgsnį į Islandijos kaimo gyvenimą. Kelionė taip pat susijusi su akimirkomis, praleistomis besigrožint šiais stebuklais, ir apie kelionę per įvairius kraštovaizdžius, nuo derlingų dirbamų žemių iki raižytų pakrančių.


3. Rytų fjordų tyrinėtojas

The journey through Iceland’s East Fjords is an enchanting experience, weaving through a landscape of steep mountains and picturesque fjords. This less-traveled route offers a serene escape, with each fjord presenting its own unique charm. The drive includes quaint fishing villages like Seyðisfjörður and Fáskrúðsfjörður, where the fusion of Icelandic and French heritage is evident. The region’s natural beauty is complemented by a rich wildlife; it’s not uncommon to spot reindeer grazing or puffins nesting along the cliffs. The Rytų fiordai also boast some of Iceland’s most impressive geological formations, including the dramatic basalt columns of Stuðlagil Canyon. This tour is a journey of tranquility and natural splendor, ideal for those seeking to escape the more crowded tourist routes and delve into Iceland’s quieter, yet equally mesmerizing, landscapes.

4. Snæfellsnes pusiasalio trasa

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula, often called ‘Iceland in Miniature’, encapsulates the diverse beauty of the country within a relatively small area. This self-drive tour revolves around the stunning Snæfellsjökull National Park, home to the iconic Snæfellsjökull glacier and volcano. The journey takes you past dramatic coastlines, through charming fishing villages like Stykkishólmur, and to remarkable natural wonders such as the basalt sea stacks at Arnarstapi and the black-pebble beach of Djúpalónssandur. Folklore and mystery add an intriguing layer to this tour, with many local legends centered around the mystical Snæfellsjökull. Whether you’re hiking through lava fields, watching seals along the coast, or exploring the rich cultural history of the area, this tour offers a comprehensive taste of Iceland’s incredible natural and cultural diversity.

5. Nuotykis žiediniame kelyje

Circling the entire island, the Ring Road, or Route 1, offers an expansive tour of Iceland’s diverse landscapes. This journey takes you through the ever-changing scenery, from the volcanic fields in the North to the glacial rivers in the South. Highlights of this tour include the powerful Dettifoss waterfall, the surreal beauty of Lake Mývatn, and the dramatic East Fjords. The route also covers areas rich in Icelandic folklore and history, providing insights into the island’s culture and traditions. This tour is ideal for travelers who have more time and wish to indulge in comprehensive kelionių paketai Islandijoje. Kiekvienas žiedinio kelio posūkis atveria naują vaizdą, naują galimybę pamatyti neapdorotą, nefiltruotą šios nepaprastos salos grožį.

6. Kelionė po ledynų lagūną

Embarking on a journey towards the Southeast of Iceland, this tour leads to one of the country’s most awe-inspiring sights: Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. This mesmerizing lagoon, filled with icebergs calving from the Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, offers an otherworldly scene. The nearby Diamond Beach, where ice chunks rest on black sand, creates a stunning contrast. An essential experience here is the Iceland glacier lagoon boat tour, where you can navigate between floating icebergs, getting up close to these ancient icy giants. The region also offers opportunities for glacier hiking and exploring nearby Vatnajökull National Park, Europe’s largest national park. This tour is a must for those who wish to witness the dynamic interplay of ice and fire that shapes Iceland’s landscapes.

7. Westfjords Way

Geriausios Vakarų fiordai region, with its remote and rugged landscapes, is a hidden gem for self-drive enthusiasts. This area, characterized by deep fjords, steep mountains, and untouched wilderness, offers a peaceful retreat from the more frequented tourist spots. Highlights include the dramatic Látrabjarg cliffs, Europe’s largest bird cliff and a haven for birdwatchers, and the enchanting Dynjandi waterfall, with its unique, cascading tiers. The Westfjords also hold rich cultural significance, with the Witchcraft and Sorcery Museum in Hólmavík offering a glimpse into Iceland’s mystical past. This tour is a journey into the heart of Iceland’s raw beauty, perfect for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature.

Embarking on a self-drive tour in Iceland is more than a mere vacation; it’s a journey into a world where nature reigns supreme, offering landscapes so diverse and awe-inspiring they seem otherworldly. From the classic Golden Circle to the remote Westfjords, each route presents its unique tapestry of natural wonders. Whether it’s the erupting geysers of the Geysir Geothermal Area, the serene beauty of the East Fjords, the mystical allure of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the expansive vistas along the Ring Road, the dramatic Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, or the quaint, untouched charm of the Westfjords, Iceland offers a plethora of experiences for the independent traveler. These self-drive tours not only showcase Iceland’s diverse landscapes but also provide a deep sense of connection with nature. They offer the freedom to explore at your own pace, to linger at a waterfall that captures your heart, to gaze in wonder at a glacier, or to simply absorb the tranquility of a remote fjord. Beyond the visual spectacle, these tours offer insights into Iceland’s rich cultural heritage, rooted in folklore and a deep respect for the natural world. Moreover, self-driving in Iceland allows for a unique blend of adventure and solitude. It’s an opportunity to step away from the structured schedules of guided tours and embrace the unexpected delights that come with independent travel. Whether you’re a photographer seeking the perfect shot, a nature enthusiast eager to explore diverse ecosystems, or a traveler seeking a journey of self-discovery, Iceland’s self-drive tours cater to all.

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