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„S&D“ sveikina Martiną Schulzą išrinkus Europos Parlamento pirmininku




31553977Today (1 July) S&D MEP Martin Schulz was elected as president of the European Parliament, in a vote in the Parliament’s plenary in Strasbourg.

Commenting on the vote, Gianni Pittella, Italian S&D MEP and vice-president of the group, said: “I am very happy that Martin Schulz has been elected as the president of the Parliament. In these turbulent economic and political times, it is crucial to have a strong and politically vocal president for this important institution.

“Martin Schulz led the Parliament with great success over the last term and will continue to do an excellent job in this essential post. In the light of the outcome of the European Parliament elections, it will be important to work with the democratic forces here for a better and socially just future for all EU citizens.”

Enrique Guerrero Salom, Spanish S&D MEP and vice-president of the Group, said: “Martin Schulz is not only a committed social-democrat but also a true believer in democracy and the rule of law. I am proud that Martin Schulz has been elected as president of the European Parliament and I trust he will be able to use his position to defend EU values and democratic principles.

“In our daily parliamentary activities our Group will work for a change of policy in Europe. It is time to end the high unemployment and poverty reigning in most European countries. We have to take action to make the Europe of tomorrow more socially balanced and fair.”

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