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„Neigiamos pastabos grynai politinės ir nesvarbios“: Rusijos ambasadorius atremia parado kritikus




_82878957_82878956Russia held its second rehearsal for its Victory Day parade on Monday and Tuesday (4-5 May), joined by Chinese soldiers, amid NATO’s ongoing military drills in Estonia and Western criticism over the show of military power.

More than 140 planes and helicopters – twice the number that participated in last year’s Victory Day parade – took part in the rehearsal, according to Russia’s TASS news agency, among which were Russia’s latest tanks and missiles.

“The most advanced aircraft from long-range, transport, fighter, fighter-bomber and army aviation units flew over Moscow’s Red Square at an altitude of 200 metres,” TASS quoted the Russian Defense Ministry’s Air Force spokesman, Colonel Igor Klimov, as saying on 4 May.

Tuo tarpu Estija prasidėjo jo didžiausią karinį gręžimo pirmadienį, įtraukiant keletą 13,000 karių iš NATO šalių ir jų sąjungininkų, įskaitant JAV, Jungtinėje Karalystėje ir Vokietijoje, Rusija Šiandien pranešė pirmadienį.

Russian news agency Sputnik said NATO’s military drills are a show of its military presence along Russia’s western border amid the conflict in Ukraina.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said on that Russia’s Victory Day parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on May 9 is “a symbol of instability”, TASS pranešta.

“Soon, on May 9, Red Square in Moscow will turn into an armored square. There will be those units that recently attacked neighboring Ukraine in front of us and the whole world, demonstrating their force,” said Komorowski.


Andrey Denisov, Russian Ambassador to China, on Tuesday dismissed the comments as “pure political remarks and irrelevant to military security

“Those politicians attempted to address their domestic matters like elections by voicing concerns on Russia’s parade,” he told the "Global Times" tuo 12th Lantingas forume Pekine.

The forum, a platform to discuss China’s foreign policy held by China’s Užsienio reikalų ministerija, this year has the theme of “jointly uphold the outcome of WWII and usher in a brighter future of win-win cooperation.”

Pasibaigus Rusijos prezidento Vladimiro Putino kvietimu Kinijos prezidento Xi Jinping aplankys Rusiją nuo penktadienio iki sekmadienio ir dalyvaus paradoje.

China’s 112-strong guard of honor will take part in the parade, and thousands of Chinese veterans have been invited to watch the ceremony.

The ceremonies in China and Russia as well as other activities jointly held by both countries aim to make us bear in mind historical lessons, and express objections to fascism and militarism as well as any attempt to revise history, China’s Vice-Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping told the forum on Tuesday.

Putin will also attend China’s military parade in September to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression as well as in the World Anti-Fascist War, China News Service reported on March 20.

Wang Haiyun, an expert at the China International Institute for Strategic Society, warned at the forum that “we have to remain vigilant against the revival of militarism in Japan that does not admit aggression and develops weapons.”

“We see as absolutely unacceptable all cynical attempts to rewrite history and justify the Nazis and their lickspittles to accommodate some people’s time-serving interests. Such attempts are both immoral and extremely dangerous as they push the world toward new conflicts, brutality and violence,” Putin was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Tuesday.

China and Russia made “the greatest” contribution to the victory of WWII in Asia and Europe to contain the large military capacities of Japan and Germany respectively, Sheng Shiliang, senior research fellow with the Center for Global Challenges Studies under the Xinhua News Agency said at the forum.

Prieš glaudesnius Kinijos ir Rusijos santykių fone ambasadorius Denisovas prognozuojama XI ir Putinas susitiks bent penkis kartus per 2015, įskaitant Šanchajaus bendradarbiavimo organizacijos viršūnių susitikime ir BRICS viršūnių susitikime, kuris vyks Rusijoje, o pernai mačiau du prezidentai susitiks penkių laikai.

During Xi’s upcoming visit to Russia, both sides will discuss dozens of issues, covering economic and trade cooperation, mutual financial investment, and their respective roles in international institutions, Denisov told reporters on Tuesday.

“Despite the fact that the trade volume between China and Russia may drop this year due to Russia’s economy, I expect more investment in massive projects,” said Denisov, citing cooperation in oil, natural gas, coal as well as high-speed railways as examples.

Prezidentai kai kurių 30 šalių, įskaitant Kiniją, Azerbaidžaną, Turkmėniją, Vietnamas, Zimbabvė, taip pat Vokietijos kanclerė Angela Merkel patvirtino savo dalyvavimą 70th V-Day metines Maskvoje, TASS pranešė ketvirtadienį.

Tačiau JAV prezidentas Barackas Obama ir dauguma Europos lyderiai būna toli.

(People’ai Dienos ir "Global Times")

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