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# Ukrainos "# Janukovičiaus" bendrininkai, sukčiai ir nusikaltėliai: kas padeda #Brodskiui ir #Nasirovui sugrįžti į didelę politiką?




A verslininkas ir buvęs pareigūnas Michailas Brodskis, has become one of the ‘heroes’ of recent weeks in the Ukrainian media. He decided to storm the political Olympus of Ukraine. But so far, the only thing he has succeeded in is the collection of scandals.

Neseniai tapo žinoma apie the pre-election start of a new political party  – Brodsky’s own ‘Forward regions!’. Partijos politinės kampanijos turas į Charkovo srities Chuguevo kiaulių fermą tapo pajuoka. Brodskis pasakė tiek daug nesąmonių, kad tai buvo juokinga net kiaulėms. Atrodo, kad rinkimų kampanijoje svarbu ne tik lėšos.

Be to, Brodskis bando į savo komandą įtraukti žinomus dabartinius politikus, pavyzdžiui, Dmitrijų Dobrodomovą, bandantį atitaisyti žalą reputacijai po skandalingo Kijevo miesto Obolonskio apygardos teismo sprendimo paskelbimo, kuriame kalbama apie ne -jo įmonės sumokėjo mokesčių už 4 milijardus UAH. Mikail Brodskis offereda “basketball holiday” abejotinos kokybės Ukrainos žmonėms kaip kompensaciją. Brodskis netgi palaikė KFC iš eilės dėl įstaigos atidarymo Profsąjungų rūmuose. Po daugybės kritikos jis buvo priverstas pašalinti postą. Tačiau ne pats geriausias fonas rinkimų kampanijos pradžiai.

But all this is trifles in comparison with the fact that among Mikhail Brodsky’s partners there are very often odious persons only – accomplices of the fluent President Victor Yanukovych, the international swindlers and even representatives of the criminal world.

Brodsky has a close relationship with former first Deputy Prime Minister of the Yanukovych’s presidency Andrei Kliuev. “Brodsky put so much effort into building relations with Andrei Kliuev that he gave him a free lease on his website “Observer”, proving that this is a very effective platform for PR as a reformer,” sakė žurnalistas Sergejus Leščenka.


Mainais už tai 2010 m. Kliujevas paėmė Brodskį į savo sparną ir paskyrė jį Valstybinio reguliavimo politikos ir verslumo komiteto pirmininku.

At that time Brodsky publicly admired Kliuev more than once, and journalists wrote that the official simply wants to curry favor before the influential boss. Once Brodsky told about his visit to Kliuev’s home. “After the New Year, on 3 January, he was on a visit at Andrey Petrovich Kliuev. We discussed the work of the Ministry of Economic Development on deregulation. We were long walking along the street, and then Andrey Petrovich invited me to for some tea. We went inside the house together. He started showing his house to me. We went to the gym. There was hanging a large boxing pear and and some decent training machines. Andrey Petrovich told that he do exercise in a hall and runs a cross daily,” wrote Brodsky in his blog. “Then we went into the hall, and there was a piano. I said: ‘Who plays the piano?’ And Andrei Petrovich sits at the grand piano and…he started playing Mozart. I was very surprised… in a word, Kliuev shocked me.”

And here it is one more occasion. “Once I and Kliuev were walking along the Khreshchatyk Street. How athletic he is, and I… I was ashamed of myself. So I should go on some kind of diet,” „Facebook“ paskelbė Brodskis.

But on 2014 as Kliuev fled the country, and Brodsky was quickly dismissed from his position during the purge. The outrageous businessman went off the public attention, but he did not lose the ties with Kliuev. Sources in Parliament claim that the fugitive ex-head of Yanukovych’s administration helps Brodsky to prepare for elections of 2019. It is noteworthy that Brodsky’s new party, "Forward regions!’, strikes a similarity with the ‘Party of Regions’, in the very founding of which Andrei Petrovich  participated.

After the Euromaidan Brodsky’s political career ended, the bill was in billions of Hryvnia. Brodsky urgently needed a ‘cover’. And he found it in the head of fiscal service Romanas Nasirovas. He was the head of the SFS, who became famous as a well-known schemer and the recipient of a share of all sorts of frauds with taxes. Nasirov turned a blind eye to tax evasion companies Brodsky, and the last one in his turn shared with a partner. When the SFS Head was pinned to the wall by National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), accusing him in corruption, Brodsky framed the partner’s shoulder-launched his media campaign to the whitening of Nasirov. On early 2018 many media wrote that the Head of the SFS wants to buy “Obozrevatel” and “Oboz TV”.

“Money for which Nasirov wants to buy Brodsky’s media was taken from kickbacks that Onishchenko paid”, – posted the website NewsOne with reference to its sources. NABU believes that during 2015-2016 Nasirov acting in the interests of the People’s Deputy Onishchenko, personally taking a lot of illegal decisions on the setting of the tax debt and obligations of the third party companies. These decisions were made by him in the absence of proper justification and legal grounds, which caused damage to the State in the amount of about 2 billion UAH. Part of this money settled on Nasirov’s accounts.

However, the former head of the SFS did not buy Brodsky’s media assets. Nasirov received temporary access to them on the netting. At the time, he helped Brodsky to get a share in the company “BRSM-Nafta”. The former Minister Eduard Stavitsky, who now lives in Israel, has a direct relation to this network of Yanukovych’s gas stations. Half of the company was previously recorded on the mother-in-law of the ex-Minister Valentina Ushakova, but later all were hidden in offshore. The second half belongs to the son of former People’s Deputy from Party of Regions Vasily Biba, the businessman Andrey Biba, who founded the network but then shared by the business with an influential official. Since September 2016, the Head of LLC “BRSM-Nafta” suddenly became the brother of Mikhail Brodsky – Evgeny, and the Brodsky family received a share in the business. Brodsky couldn’t have pulled that trick without Nasirov. And most importantly, the story of the machinations around the “BRSM-Nafta” allowed them to establish connections with scams on an international scale, which gave not only monetary benefits but also political bonuses – in particular, access to the Republican party of the United States.

* * *

After the Maidan, Eduard Stavitsky fled to Israel, where he obtained a citizenship. Half of the share in “BRSM-Nafta” he transferred to offshore from Belize Melian Manamegent, and on October 2014 it was announced about the entry of the “foreign investor” into the members of founders of BRSM. In particular, no one known the Dutch investment Fund Freeze Oil Fund, founded by Rol Piper, said that he purchased a significant package of the network “BRSM-Nafta” (actually, Freeze Oil and owned offshore of Belize Melian Manamegent). The deal was to help the Ukrainian company get rid of the status of the asset from the orbit of Eduard Stavitsky, who is wanted. Piper was indeed listed as the beneficiary of LLC “BRSM-Nafta”, but on 2016, half of the authorized capital of the company was registered to just founding in Kiev company – LLC “, Freeze Oil Group”, established as offshore from Belize Argento Invest. The Ukrainian media then traced a clear connection between Stavitsky and the management of this company, as well as other members of the «BRSM» group.

About that Stavitsky sold nothing to anybody and stays in “BRSM-Nafta” told in the interview his business partner Andrey Biba. On 2016 between the partners a conflict broke out and they shared the business in the courts. «On middle of the February 2016 was made a mutual decision to split the business in half, for this there were many reasons. When Stavitsky was the only partner, we always found understanding, and there were no disputes. When he gave his share or, let’s say, acquired to partners, it became much more difficult. This is the Freeze Oil Fund, i.e. Piper and Bolotin. I think that the initiator and generator of all these ideas is Bolotin,” – pasakė Biba.

Tai yra, Stavitskis pasamdė olandą Rolandas (Rolis) Piperis ir rusų Danielis (Jevgenijus) Bolotinas atimti iš Bibos pusę teisių į jį. Supratęs, kad teisėtu būdu jis to padaryti negalės, Janukovyčiaus laikų eksministras įtraukė žinomus aferistus.

On 2007, a scandal broke out in Russia because of the project to build light aircraft Eclipse 500 by the company ETIRC Aviation, founded by Piper together with Bolotin in Ulianovsk. The project was implemented with the money of Sviaz-Bank, which provided a loan of $ 150 million. Of course, Piper and Bolotin do not have built any planes – Eclipse Aviation bankrupted soon and the loan of “Sviaz-Bank” was not returned. For the salvation of “Sviaz-Bank” the Russian government spent 142 billion Rubles. Bolotin is also known in Russia as the author of sophisticated schemes with embezzlement of pension money.

ETIRC prezidento statusas Piper 2009 metais buvo parodytas ir Ukrainoje, bandant mūsų šalyje reklamuoti projektą EclipseAviation. Tačiau toliau kalbėti apie verslą neteko, o po to Piperis, kuris anksčiau Ukrainoje nebuvo žinomas kaip aferistas, tuo metu nebuvo susipažinęs su kuro ir energetikos ministro Eduardo Stavickio pareigomis.

Journalists of the authoritative in Europe Dutch magazine QUOTE repeatedly exposed the illegal transactions of Piper, which caused losses to national economies of different countries. Only his debts to American investors amount to more than $ 10 million. Besides, he is suspected of frauds with investments of the population in pension funds of PGGM and ING in the USA and Europe, and also in connections with “thieves’ world”. On 9 December 2015 the magazine QUOTE published an article «Piper’s Property is arrested all over the world”, and on 2 February 2016 the magazine QUOTE published an article «Rol Piper has 1-2 billion US Dollars to buy companies in Ukraine» with reference to the publication in the largest daily newspaper of the Netherlands DeTelegraaf called «Piper buys half of Ukraine», which is called The Freeze Oil Fund, founded to serve the business of Stavitsky.

However, office and investment of Freeze Oil Ukraine did not see, as mentioned even in the Ministry of Economic Development. At the same time, Piper entrusted the management of the Freeze Oil Fund to someone Alexander Livshits, who was seen as a person involved in corruption schemes of major functionaries of the Yanukovych’s regime, in particular of Eduard Stavitsky, and also has business connections with criminal world of Russia, namely with the criminal authority named “Recha”. The question is why the Security Services of Ukraine are still not interested in the activities of Stavitsky and Piper, who, together with Bolotin, has a direct relationship to the capital connected with the FSB through the bankrupt “Sviaz-Bank”.

Beje, būtent Bolotinas 2014 metų pabaigoje padėjo Stavitskiui pabėgti iš Ukrainos ir nelegaliai gauti Izraelio pasą, kad išvengtų teisingumo Ukrainoje po orumo revoliucijos. Šiuo metu jie yra daugelio verslo projektų Rusijoje partneriai. Tai patvirtina privataus Izraelio detektyvo Richardo Ben Haimo tyrimas, paskelbtas „The Times of Israel“ 28 m. sausio 2015 d.

So, this company attempted to get the “BRSM-Nafta” from Andrey Biba. To restructure the property to swindlers helped a fake Power of Attorney from the Italian notary Salvatore Claudio. The latter has already written a statement to the police about this. Although according to the documents, Stavitsky with accomplices registered the company to himself but he could not get an actual control over the half of the gas stations.

And here Brodsky and Nasirov come into play. As we remember, the scandals of the network of filling stations “BRSM-Nafta” do not cease from 2015. After the fire at the oil depot in the Kiev region, the authorities gave the go-ahead to investigate the tax fraud of Stavitsky’s network of gas stations. Initially, there were found violations in non-payment of taxes on 1,2 billion Hryvnias. After that, there were criminal proceedings that the network of gas stations sold diluted fuel, but the case was closed.

After fleeing Stavisky, some players that are close to the new government put eyes to the net of gas stations. In “BRSM” even said about the attempt of raider capture by Nasirov, however, the SFS has the iron argument – tax evasion.

On November 2016, the SFS of Nasirov closed gas stations and tank farms “BRSM-Nafta”, accusing the company of evading about 1 billion UAH of taxes. However, soon the tax service left the company alone. According to some sources in the market, about that was writing many of the media sources, Stavitsky asked Brodsky, with whom he was familiar since the days of Yanukovych, to negotiate with Nasirov about the possibility to “close” the tax question.

Agreed quickly and with the benefit for all participants. The tax service began to drop the case against the “BRSM” on the brakes, Nasirov received a good financial reward for it, and brother of Michael Brodsky Evgeny joined the leadership of the “BRSM-Nafta” and related firms “Naftezakhid”. After entering of Evgeny Brodsky to the structure of the board of the oil companies, Freeze Oil announced his own Cup in Basketball, which ended in late February of this year. The event was held in conjunction with the basketball Federation of Ukraine, where Mikhail Brodsky is an honorary President.

Tačiau idilė sukčių dalyviams truko neilgai. 2017 m. kovą VMD vadovas buvo sulaikytas sostinės ligoninėje Feofania, atliekant kratą, tiriant Oniščenkos dujų bylą. 7 m. kovo 2017 d. Kijevo Solomensko apygardos teismas ikiteisminio tyrimo metu Nasirovą uždarė į areštinę. Kovo 16 d. pareigūno žmona jam padovanojo 100 mln. grivinų. Mūsų duomenimis, dalį šios sumos skyrė Stavitskis ir Brodskis. Suprantama – be Nasirovo VMD vadovo pareigas jie abu gali turėti didžiulių problemų. Nasirovas buvo pašalintas iš VMD vadovybės. Vėliau mokesčių tarnyba paskelbė, kad BRSM-Nafta yra skolinga valstybei apie 2 milijardus grivinų mokesčių, o Brodskiui priskaičiuota beveik 4 milijardų UAH mokesčių skola.

Po Nasirovo žlugimo Brodskis nusprendė, kad geriausias būdas apsaugoti pavogtas prekes ir nepatekti į kalėjimą yra eiti į politiką. Brodskis pradėjo ruoštis parlamento ir vietos rinkimams, o N. Nasirovas kandidatavo į prezidento postą. Aišku, kad nei parlamentas, nei prezidentūra nebuvo ant kortų, bet rinkimų kampanijos metu buvo galima tikėtis imuniteto nuo baudžiamojo persekiojimo. Brodskis ir Nasirovas turi vieną rimtą argumentą, kuriuo gali puikuotis savo derybose.

2017-ųjų vasarį, dar prieš nuotykius Feofanijoje, Nasirovas apsilankė Donaldo Trumpo inauguracijoje. Kodėl Ukrainos pareigūnas už galimybę aplankyti Trumpą turėtų sumokėti 250,000 XNUMX USD ir iš kur jis gavo pinigų? Finansų ministras Aleksandras Danilukas netgi kreipėsi į Nacionalinę korupcijos prevencijos agentūrą ir NABU, prašydamas išanalizuoti šią kelionę į JAV. Nasirovas sakė, kad inauguracijoje apsilankė draugų kvietimu ir atostogavo.

More details were revealed then by the people’s deputy from the Radical Party Andrey Artemenko, who was later deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. “I saw Nasirov. I know how he got here. He was invited by my friend from Florida, who was engaged in the fact that he headed Trump’s headquarters in Florida in collecting money, and in procedures of his inauguration and during the election campaign. I know that he invited him and gave him tickets,” he told the People’s Deputy Artemenko, who stressed that he also came to Washington at the invitation of his friend Congressman Dane Rorabaker.

Mūsų duomenimis, paslaptingas Artemenko draugas, padėjęs Nasirovui patekti į inauguraciją, buvo lobistas Jurijus Vanetikas, ir ši paslauga nebuvo nemokama.

Vanetik is a native of Kiev and moved to the states in the 1990s, where his father, better known as Tony Vanetik, also lives. This man has been collecting funds for the Republicans. In the 1990s, Vanetik Sr. was one of the members of an organized criminal group, which “controlled” Podol in Kiev city. After that, he was tried several times for fraud in the United States.

Vanetik Jr. yra įtrauktas kaip šeimos įmonės VanetikInt vadovaujantis partneris, taip pat kaip Dominion Partners, Pemgroup ir Medowood Management bendraįkūrėjas ir generalinis direktorius. Jo specializacija – finansinės konsultacijos. Taip pat jis turi ryšių su aukščiausiais JAV pareigūnais. Čia jis pavaizduotas su jau minėtu Jurijumi Artemenko ir kongresmenu Dane'u Rorabakeriu.

It is interesting that Vanetik registered as a lobbyist only in the autumn of 2017, although the investigation of McClatchy Agency says that he was engaged in these services for a long time. So, in addition to the story with Nasirov, in the spring of 2017 Vanetik led the Congress of the disgraced “radical” Sergei Rybalka, and in autumn 2017, he signed a lobbying contract with the Agrarian Party of Ukraine. Vanetik is well acquainted with Paul Manafort, who is now in prison – together they helped Ukrainian politicians to establish connections in Washington. And on 2016, Vanetik collected money for Trump’s presidential campaign.

In addition to the official biography of Yuri Vanetik, there is a secret part of it, shown in the investigation of Agency McClatchy. It says that against Yuri Vanetik and his father, the US has put forward a number of charges of fraud and attempted murder. It became known that Vanetik worked closely with Russia’s criminal world. The US investigation established their relationship with Sergei Lipatov, a former official of the State Russian Railway, arrested in Russia on charges of embezzlement of bank funds.

The companies that worked with Vanetiks do not recommend doing this, because they often cheat. For example, on March 2011, Vanetik and his partners convinced Farmers & Merchants Trust Company (California) to invest $ 750,000 in Company Terra, allegedly having oil and gas reserves in Russia. The company was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. In November 2011, Terra’s shares ceased to be listed on the stock exchange, and the Farmers & Merchants Trust Company lost all $750,000.

In November 2013, Farmers & Merchants Trust Company filed a lawsuit against Vanetik and his partners, making allegations of fraud, breach of trust, unjust enrichment and violation of California securities law. Vanetik and his partners were charged with the implementation of the scheme, known as ‘pumpanddump’ (pump and drain). That is, they are artificially made so that the shares of Terra began to look attractive and, once Farmers & Merchants Trust Company invested the funds, shares were sold.

Iš apgaulės schemos gautos lėšos, pasak kaltinimo, buvo panaudotos asmeninėms išlaidoms ir asmeninėms skoloms, įskaitant kredito korteles, apmokėti, taip pat advokatams. 2011 m. investuodama „Farmers & Merchants Trust Company“ nieko nežinojo apie tokį lėšų panaudojimą. Jie manė, kad investuoja į „Terra“ akcijų pirkimą.

Šiuo metu byla yra apeliacinio skundo stadijoje. Pirmosios instancijos teisme Vanetikas pralaimėjo. Tuo pačiu jis atsisako mokėti. Įdomu tai, kad vienas pagrindinių apeliacinio skundo argumentų yra tai, kad Vanetikas yra per skurdus ir negali sumokėti 2 milijonų dolerių baudos, nes visas jo turtas yra vertas tik 400,000 XNUMX USD, sakydamas, kad jis nuomojasi butą, pardavė laikrodį, o „Bentley“ ne jo.

You’d think he was a very poor man. However, there is talk of excessive greed. On 25 August 2017 AMEX (American Express) filed on Vanetik a claim for a refund of $110,000 spent on a credit card as of 16 June 2017. So, the lobbyist and the head of a lot of companies cannot repay debts on a credit card? In any case, this should be a signal to anyone who is dealing with a Vanetik or is considering such a possibility.

Nasirov and Brodsky co-operated with Vanetik and wanted to make these connections in the USA as their trump card during the election campaign, which is a very unreliable plan, taking into account the impressive list of lawsuits against this businessman. In addition, Vanetik still has some connection with the Ukrainian criminal world that might seem useful for the former officials. And this is a very real scenario, given how Nasirov and Brodsky became rich – who helps them to avoid responsibility and return to big politics?

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