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Milijardai iš ES „The Change“ rėmėjui Sasho Donchev ir Hristo Kovachki




Bulgarijos žiniasklaida bnews ir Obektyvno reports that in the list of companies set to receive EU funding under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan for the so-called ‘green transition’, there are companies linked to those in power. Among them is ‘Overgaz’, whose founder and owner Sasho Donchev is a sponsor of PP-DB.

He made a donation of BGN 500,000 before the parliamentary elections last year to the coalition ‘We Continue the Change’ – ‘Democratic Bulgaria’. That’s why the Coalition government continues to hold onto power and will not release it until it distributes the billions among the sponsors of the three separate elements in this coalition.

The list was presented in parliament by ITN. These companies will receive EU funding for ‘green’ energy projects, and in return, Bulgaria will close its coal-fired power plants.

„Mūsų anglimi kūrenamų elektrinių uždarymas sumažins mūsų anglies pėdsaką Europos lygiu 0.06%. Tačiau Bulgarijos energijos pajėgumų praradimas bus didelis. Šiuos duomenis pristatė ITN pavaduotojas Pavela Mitova.

“We Continue the Change is exerting all efforts to expedite the destruction of the company, as their land is required for the production of 380,000 tons of green hydrogen annually, with 180,000 tons intended for export. The project entails the construction of an extensive number of solar panels by 2033, displacing miners, converting all power plants to gas, and placing the burden of the huge bill on all of us once again. A handful of slickers swiftly become billionaires”, Pavela Mitova commented.

“The system will lose its balancing properties, the price of electricity will increase dramatically, and I strongly doubt that the ‘Security of the Power System’ fund will withstand the pressure”, she further stated.

Mitova presented in parliament a list of companies that will receive European funding under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan in the ‘Energy’ sector:


Metalik AD, priklausantis Dechko Kolev – 277,690,000 XNUMX XNUMX BGN už gamyklos statybą ir žaliojo vandenilio bei deguonies gamybos medicinos ir techniniais tikslais įrenginio įrengimą.

Smart Energy Group AD – BGN 240,000,000 for solar panels with a capacity of 1.5GW. The company’s scope of activity does not mention anywhere that it has the capacity to build solar panel plants. And what are these factories that will produce an exact amount of solar panels with a capacity of 1.5 GW.

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 AD, where the current Deputy Minister was Executive Director, and now Vasil Shtonov is a man of the “Change” from the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) – BGN 1,383,000,000.

Resolve Energy OOD (s.r.o), Czech Republic – BGN 354,300,000 – for the construction of a solar park with a capacity of 230 GW in Silistra. The park is being built on the territory of the airport, which, for unknown reasons, ended up with ‘our people,’ and they sold it to the Czechs. Let’s hope that after a while this airport land will not have to be used, and the state will not have to pay for it. And how will a company based in Silistra economically support the Stara Zagora region?”

Dining Energy EOOD – jų biuras yra Brikelio šiluminės elektrinės teritorijoje, jie turi 10 socialiai apdraustų darbuotojų – 654,000,000 XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

Su Hristo Kovachki susijusios įmonės:

TOPLOFIKATSIA – sliven EAD – BGN 320,000,000

Brikel EAD – 879,000,000 1,853,000,000 XNUMX BGN. Kadangi visos jo įmonės yra Stara Zagora teritorijoje, Kovachki gaus apie XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

Pasirodo, kad su visomis savo įmonėmis, esančiomis Stara Zagora teritorijoje, Kovachki surinks 1,853,000,000 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

AES Maritsa East 1 EOOD – BGN 1,440,000,000 – their contract for purchasing of electricity expires at the end of the year, so let’s give them a little more for the last time.

M+S Hydraulic AD, Hydraulic Elements and Systems AD, ELHIM ISKRA AD – visos trys įmonės yra susijusios su tuo pačiu asmeniu Vasilu Velev iš Bulgarijos pramoninio kapitalo asociacijos (BICA), kurioje dirbo energetikos ministras Rumenas Radevas. Iš viso projektų už 132,000,000 XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

„Zagora Energy OOD“ – bendrovė priklauso „Holding Zagora“, kur ekonomikos direktoriumi dirbo ministras Rumenas Radevas – 40,000,000 XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

„Monbat AD“ – priklauso broliams Bobokoviams – 1,171,500,000 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

BULMETAL AD – how will they build a PSHPP, provided that the company’s profile states that they are engaged in the production and realization of metal packaging – BGN 313,000,000.

Overgas, „The Change“ rėmėjas – 385,000,000 XNUMX XNUMX BGN.

In September last year, the Ministry of Energy issued a call for expressions of interest for investment intentions to large companies to apply for receiving the money from the “green transition” fund. The money is given by the EU. 32 companies have submitted investment intentions with a total value of around BGN 11 billion.

The management of the funds under the territorial plans for a “just” transition, as termed in the EU for the transition to “green energy” with zero carbon emissions, is entrusted to the Ministry of Regional Development. The ministry’s press center commented, as quoted by Trud newspaper that no funds have been disbursed yet, and the list of companies is merely “indicative.

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